Wednesday, April 18, 2012


A trip to a government office was not my idea of fun, so I procrastinated as long as possible before forcing myself to go. What I discovered helped me understand that attitude really is everything. As I started out on the 37- minute journey, I could have grumbled that I had more important things to do, such as adding borders to my cover images or catching up with my social networking. Instead, I listened to my favorite radio station, which always puts me in a good mood, and admired the lovely scenic route I'd chosen over going the freeway.  Driving along the bucolic countryside, I saw couples taking walks, a herd of goats clearing a meadow, and arrived at my destination without suffering at all! Even the 30-minute wait was interesting as I watched all kinds of people come and go. I was having such a wonderful time that I decided to continue having fun by going shopping, which I rarely do, and came home with some nice things to wear. My day went from gloomy to glorious because I chose to look for the good. Isn't it lovely that we have the choice?

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