Thursday, November 14, 2019

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Bucket Lists as we Age

So, how many of you have a bucket list? I used to until that list grew to be overwhelming. I archived it on Pinterest just to avoid looking at it. As the photo suggests, we need things to look forward to whether it involves travel or learning a new skill. Great! Nothing wrong with that until...yes, we begin to slow down and eventually run out of gas!
   Since no one knows their last day on earth I decided to only plan a day or at the most one season at a time. And then enjoy the journey.
   This season I feel healthy and happy therefore I will only undertake new cooking skills that I find both creative and enjoyable. I will bake five new kinds of cookies, try my hand at a few candy recipes (but no candy thermometers, please-they’ve been disastrous in the past), and a few new appetizer and salad recipes that look good to me. My husband doesn’t have to eat them, either!
   I’m reading a few new authors while enjoying my old favorites, too. If you like beautiful settings for armchair travel and an amateur sleuth who’s into gardening and afternoon tea, you may enjoy the books I’ve written. Please check them out if you’re interested on my Books page. 
    Thanks for joining me today. Please let me know how your bucket lists are going.
    Until next time, Happy Holidays!
~Nancy Jill