Monday, March 23, 2015

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Going Backward?

Why do we save memorabilia?
Who actually goes back and goes through all those keepsakes hidden away in a special box or bin?
Has the thought of wanting to write your memoir crossed your mind lately? I think it's because instead of remembering, we want to be remembered.
I must confess saving thank you cards from my grandchildren, their first drawings, a report that I did in the second grade when we studied astronomy…
But memorabilia does have merit.
The last time I went through my small bin, I reread a couple of birthday cards from my grandmother with personal messages to me. The reason I find them special is because she had 16 grandchildren - which
motivates me to be a good grandma with only seven (to date).
At the end of the day I believe what's important is having the courage to face the future without dwelling too much on the past.
Because of this, my memorabilia keepsakes are shrinking - except for the handwritten notes from the grandkids that say, "I love you, Grandma." And one day, if anyone wants to know who I am or was, they can read my books!


~Nancy Jill

P.S. Here's a link for organizing memory boxes I found useful.