Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Fun Authors to Read

If you're looking for some new authors of cozy Christian fiction, I'd like to suggest two.

Traci Tyne Hilton
First books in her series are FREE!

And author of Until the Fat Lady Sings Mystery Series

Check the links for their websites and get acquainted! They love to meet new readers.

Have a lovely week, my friends. I know it's cold in most of the country right now - even in Austin we're having ice-storms and school closures. Time to read some new books! Wouldn't you agree? And just for fun, please let me know if you're acquainted with these authors. 

Thank you!

~Nancy Jill

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

People are Asking - What is the order of your books?

Yes, the number of books in the Jillian Bradley Mystery Series is piling up! I think it's time to post them in order so you won't miss anything that happens with the characters during Jillian's adventures.
Thank you for joining us - Go Jillian and Teddy!

Book 1

"Murder in Half Moon Bay"

Book 2

"The Ghost Orchid Murder"

Book 3

"From the Clutches of Evil"

Book 4

"The Mark of Eden"

Book 5

"Pacific Beach"

Book 6

"Waiting for Santa"

Book 7

"The Ruby of Siam"

Book 8 (Coming 2014)

"The Long Trip Home"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

We Have a Winner!

Thank you all for your comments on last week's post! How interesting to learn how you're coping with the severe winter weather this season. Even pets are affected dealing with the freezing elements.

The winner of this week's drawing is, Toni King. Congratulations!

The winner receives a book of her choice in paperback or e-book. I hope you'll enjoy the read, Toni.

I'd love to connect with all of you on Facebook - I know many of you have already liked my page and I've had fun getting to know you. It would be an honor if you would hop over and click the like button. You'll find tea being served on occasion and I'll keep you abreast of the writing of my latest book "The Long Trip Home." (Boy, it's hard to kill someone and not get caught!)

Thanks for stopping by and joining the site with Google friend connect or e-mail. We'll talk soon.

See you in my books!

~Nancy Jill

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! By Nancy Jill Thames

Yesterday the average temperature across the nation was 12 degrees. Even California was having a cold spell at 64 degrees. People were wearing socks! What I find interesting about this snow wave is what happened to the global warming theories that the earth was going to heat up, dry out, and blow away?

So much for theorists.

People all across the nation are home bound, struggling to stay unburied from all the snow, and trying to keep warm. In Texas it isn't the snow keeping us in, it's the cedar fever - a merciless wave of yellow cedar pollen exploding in the air during the months of December, January, February and March. I only go outside for one event a month - The Leander Writers' Guild meeting. I pay the price the next day but it's worth it.
Cedar Pollen Wafting on the Air

How do cooped-up people cope? (Try saying that fast three times!) I picture frazzled moms trying to keep school kids entertained all day.  Dads who can't go into work must either be frustrated trying to work with the kids at home, or, as my hubby would, might be happy watching TV.

What I do is write, listen to classical music, and stay in touch with the outside world via social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thank The Lord for the internet!

What about you? How is it where you are? How do you cope with little ones, husbands, and your sanity? This inquiring writer wants to know.

Please leave a comment, JOIN MY SITE with Google Friend Connect (if you haven't already), and I'll do a drawing. One of you will win one of my books (your choice) in paperback or ebook.  I would appreciate a way to reach you if you win. Good luck! The winner will be announced in my next post on January 14, 2014.

Here's hoping you all stay warm and safe where ever you live.

~Nancy Jill

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The One Thing for 2014

By Nancy Jill Thames                                    

Curly from "City Slickers"
Did you ever watch the movie "City Slickers" with Billie Crystal? As they deliver a calf together, Curly tells the city slicker to remember the one thing. No one is sure what Curly was referring to, but that's what I liked about it -- we're free to interpret the meaning.

Looking ahead to 2014 the one thing I want to happen is to better connect with my readers. Being an author can be isolating -- we're alone most of the time with our imaginations rolling out in print. I admire authors like Tonya Kappes who single-handedly publishes books while being an excellent therapist, wife, and mother to three strapping boys. Whew! She even has a new clothing line based on one of her protagonists! Amazing. If you like humorous cozy mysteries with a touch of paranormal you may want to check out her books.

Writing books is one thing -- learning about readership is another. I sincerely hope this year we'll get better acquainted so please join me on this site and leave comments. It's the one thing I'm focusing on in 2014.

Happy New Year! I'll see you in my books.

~Nancy Jill