Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The One Thing for 2014

By Nancy Jill Thames                                    

Curly from "City Slickers"
Did you ever watch the movie "City Slickers" with Billie Crystal? As they deliver a calf together, Curly tells the city slicker to remember the one thing. No one is sure what Curly was referring to, but that's what I liked about it -- we're free to interpret the meaning.

Looking ahead to 2014 the one thing I want to happen is to better connect with my readers. Being an author can be isolating -- we're alone most of the time with our imaginations rolling out in print. I admire authors like Tonya Kappes who single-handedly publishes books while being an excellent therapist, wife, and mother to three strapping boys. Whew! She even has a new clothing line based on one of her protagonists! Amazing. If you like humorous cozy mysteries with a touch of paranormal you may want to check out her books.

Writing books is one thing -- learning about readership is another. I sincerely hope this year we'll get better acquainted so please join me on this site and leave comments. It's the one thing I'm focusing on in 2014.

Happy New Year! I'll see you in my books.

~Nancy Jill

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