Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tea Party Tuesday Review of THE CEMETERY CLUB by Blanche Day Manos and Barbara Burgess

Won't you join me for a nice cup of tea? Please help yourself to some refreshments, too.
Lately, recreational reading has re-entered my life for reasons I may choose discuss someday. But not today. One book worth telling you about was "The Cemetery Club" by Blanche Day Manos and Barbara Burgess.
There was nothing I didn't like about this cozy mystery. From the gruesome discovery of  the body under a pile of brush, which gave me chills, to escaping the bad guys, this book held my attention until the end. If you like a great story with  a sprinkling of Oklahoma history and heart, read "The Cemetery Club." Here is a link to the series:


~Nancy Jill Thames~

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Tea Party Review of Murder & Moonflowers by Leslie Leigh

It's lovely to have you join me for tea today. Please help yourself to some refreshments while I pour out. 
   I've been busy writing the last chapters of my new book "Murder at the Empress Hotel" and can't wait to finish the story.   In the meantime a few books have crossed my path. I wanted to share about one I enjoyed reading called "Murder & Moonflowers" by Leslie Leigh because I liked the way the heroine Melissa Michaels serves tea to her customers. Of course!

   The author has a good grasp on herbal medicine and this shines forth as the mystery unfolds. The plot centers around the death of a rather ill customer with no apparent cause of death - until Melissa hooks up with a handsome private detective from out of town. Their escapades into ferreting out the facts keep the read interesting and suspenseful at the same time. 

   I hope you'll download a free copy soon. Thanks Leslie Leigh for a great mystery! Click the link to get yours now. Have you read any good mysteries lately? I'd love to hear about them.

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~Nancy Jill