Monday, October 22, 2012

And the point is...

Family Members
Ever wonder if you are in control of things, or just the opposite? For instance, last week I truly believed I was in control of every detail of the wedding week from my end. Really. Then the guests left, the caterer came and took his equipment back and I put my house back together, leaving only the guest linen laundry (14 loads of sheets, towels and blankets). So far, so good. 

But then I study the big picture and realize life is going in slow motion. Sure, taking care of details is mind boggling and fun, but what really happens is a family heritage builds, slowly and surely. As one son marries, grandchildren grow older and so do I. 
My Mother and Me

In the midst of celebrating life's wonderful milestones, time passes slowly. What will remain after I'm no longer a part of this world? Hopefully, fond memories of a daughter, wife, mother and grandma who loved lavishing attention on her family members and yes, even memories of the books I'll have written that loosely document the wonderful times we've shared. 

How are you spending your days? Happily working at your job or career? Making warm memories of love and laughter for those you love? The point is, how we spend the few moments of time we're each given is really up to us. I'm choosing to create great times our family can remember and share.

Like the song says, "May your days be merry and bright... "

~Nancy Jill

Monday, October 15, 2012

Wedding Week!

With arms full of love, this coming Saturday, October 20, 2012, I will release my son into the arms of his beloved. All the planning is finished as we await the day with great expectations of happiness and joy. Will it compare to the joy of being the most important woman in his life for these past many years? The answer is definitely yes! There can be no greater happiness wished for my son than to see him happily married. The baton of mothering will now be passed to his wife, who I believe will care for him with as much love and affection as I have these past 25 years. 

God blessed me with four wonderful children, two of which were born to me in late life. Two are married, and Saturday's wedding marks number three. God has also provided them with treasured mates, answers to years of prayer by my husband and me. I'm so grateful for this wedding week - my heart is brimming with appreciation for the Lord's blessings. As a result, the 39 details that must be accomplished feel like 39 happy steps to that wonderful day on Saturday, when Mike and Catherine become one. And just think, this is only the beginning! With six grandchildren in my quiver, there is always room for more!

Hope you all have a great week - I know I sure will!

~Nancy Jill

Friday, October 5, 2012

Gift Time!

Free This Weekend on!

This weekend we are having a ball with my brother and sister-in-law visiting from California. Lots of great restaurants and shopping to sample here in Austin, and tomorrow it's the River Walk in San Antonio. I hope you're going to have a nice weekend, too. And if you haven't read any of the Jillian Bradley mysteries, please enjoy a free Kindle copy of my first book, "Murder in Half Moon Bay," to get started. See you Monday!

~Nancy Jill

Monday, October 1, 2012

Meet Celebrity Author Rhonda Patton: Overcomer

I'm interviewing author Rhonda Patton on "Queen of Afternoon Tea" Celebrity Author Interviews this month. Please join us for tea fare and a yummy dessert.
 Have a wonderful week, dear friends!

~Nancy Jill