Friday, September 8, 2017

In Memoriam

Aunt Gayle with some of  her beloved grandchildren.
What's the best way to honor someone after they pass away? For me, I chose to dedicate Museums Can Be Murder to my sister-in-law, Gayle Elaine Biggs, known in my family as Aunt Gayle, a saint, and the most loving grandma — hands-down — that any child could wish for. Gayle had a dry wit that kept us laughing at family reunions. She also cooked non-stop for her family. My sister-in-law was so loving that she encouraged my brother to build a pool just so their family would congregate at her house and she could cook for them.

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I based one of Jillian Bradley’s sisters-in-laws, Paige, on Gayle. Her character first appears in Book 5 Pacific Beach, again in Book 6 Waiting for Santa, and lastly in Book 11 Museums Can Be Murder. I gave her only one child, Kaitlin Romero, who plays an important role in Book 11 as it's her boss Amanda Corbin who's murdered. In reality, Gayle had three amazing children.

I don't understand why Gayle got cancer. Does anyone understand this horrible disease? The only good thing I can surmise is in remembering the old saying, “Only the good die young.” Gayle was good. She was young. Fortunately, her death was painless and she died knowing the Lord had prepared a place for her when she left her earthly home. And amazingly, she was able to say goodbye to her pastor, her husband, her children and their spouses, and all nine grandchildren, one by one. They will never forget her.

Neither will I.

It's a good thing to remember those we love. Now Gayle can also be remembered every time someone reads these books.

Thanks for letting me share my heart.


~Nancy Jill

Nancy Jill Thames was born to write mysteries. From her early days as the neighborhood story-teller to the Amazon Author Watch Bestseller List, she has always had a vivid imagination and loves to solve problems – perfect for plotting whodunits. In 2010, Nancy Jill published her first mystery Murder in Half Moon Bay, introducing her well-loved protagonist Jillian Bradley and clue-sniffing Yorkie “Teddy.”

When she isn’t plotting Jillian’s next perilous adventure, Nancy Jill travels between Texas, California, and Georgia finding new ways to spoil her grandchildren, playing classical favorites on her baby grand, or having afternoon tea with friends.

She lives with her husband in Texas and is a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) CenTex Chapter.

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