Saturday, July 20, 2019

Top 10 Summer Favorites

It's mid-July and kids are already buying back to school shoes! We grand dog sat in California, had a siblings reunion in Sedona, sang in the Fourth of July God and Country Concert at church with grand kids attending, and celebrated my birthday with family up in Frisco. Things are settling down now so here are my midsummer musings for my Top 10 Summer Favorites.

#1 Warm sun giving longer days and #2 a sense of relaxation are two of my favorite summer things. Not to mention food and drinks more popular now than in other seasons. Here are my favorites:
#3 Cantaloupe-My all time favorite fruit that I wait for all year long!

#4 Watermelon. Make mine seedless!

#5 Fresh Grilled Corn on the Cob with Mexican Topping

#6 BBQ Ribs - Thank you Costco!

#7 Bush's Baked Beans with Bacon and Brown Sugar. Just open the can and heat!

#8 Lemonade. I like the Simply kind.

#9 Getting Together with Family-My birthday is in July so it's a perfect excuse!

#10 Time to read all my favorite books. They are treasured belongings.

What about you? Do you head for the mountains or go to the beach? Do you like to BBQ? ( I made my husband give ours away-too much trouble to clean up!) Do you go on vacation or enjoy staying at home?  What books are you reading this summer?

Hope you're having a wonderful break whatever you're doing.


~Nancy Jill