Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Heartbreaking Justice

Looking back at the second book I wrote, "The Ghost Orchid Murder," it's always in my mind how Jillian has pity on the victim's mother. Jillian Bradley is not a professional detective, she's a tenacious friend seeking justice for all parties involved. The story takes place in Scottsdale, Arizona but extends to Ocala, Florida, home of the victim, and where all the trouble began. Here is the synopsis...

It's been eight years since gardening columnist Jillian Bradley helped solve a string of murders in Half Moon Bay. But when a colleague in Scottsdale, Arizona finds a young technical assistant dead on the floor of his private office, Jillian doesn't hesitate to answer his plea for help in the investigation. After all, a $2 million research grant depends on it.
Together with Detective Jack Noble and Jillian's clue sniffing dog, Teddy, the three set out to track the killer who left a porcelain orchid over the wound as the only clue. Even though it means personal sacrifice for Jillian, she is determined to uncover the truth. A faith-based novel. 

 See you in my books!
~Nancy Jill