Sunday, June 21, 2015

In Loving Memory

Today, I pause to reflect on the passing only this morning of my sweet mother-in-law, known to most everyone as Meemaw. She was 92.

When I think of her, it comes to mind that in the South, the practice of afternoon tea is uncommon due mostly to the heat! Instead, sweet tea reigns.

Whenever we visited from California, Meemaw always served sweet tea at meals. Granted it was instant tea, sweetened with the addition of liquid sweet and low, but it was delicious along side brisket, ribs, and whatever wonderful soul food they made. 

And it was not as if afternoon tea did not have a place. Quite the contrary, for you see, my mother-in-law and her mother collected teacups.
The most famous one was a teacup with Queen Elizabeth's picture in the bottom. Once, my mother-in-law even saw fit to give me a pick of her collection, as long as it was not the Queen Elizabeth. I chose the one you see in the photo above. 

Interestingly enough, my mother-in-law's mom and aunt did go in together and buy a tea cart and a silver tea service. Living out-of-state I never joined them if they did actually use these things. Now the cart and service sit in the corner unused. Quite sad, I think.

When a loved one passes, it's nice to have something to remember them by. For my mother-in-law, it will be the beautiful yellow teacup and saucer.

~Nancy Jill

Sunday, June 14, 2015

What Do British Royals and Queen of Afternoon Tea Have in Common?

When I saw the news of Prince George viewing his first Trouping of the Colors last week, I was transported back to my visit to see Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. 

At the time, Prince Charles was still a bachelor with no apparent heirs to the throne. 

What a thrill to see Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip step from their limousine, wave to the crowds, and tour Sutter's Fort in downtown Sacramento, California, where we lived.

I took my two children out of school for the event, and bought them British flags to wave. I wore a navy hat in honor of the occasion.

Back then, we used Polaroid cameras to take photos instead of our iPhones. Alas, the hard copies faded. Here is what's left of that memorable day.
If it hadn't been for a professional photographer next to me in the crowd offering to sell me one of his images, the picture of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip would have faded, too.

Perhaps seeing the British Royals in person and inheriting the last name of Thames, it was inevitable that I would come to love afternoon tea and include it in all of my books. 
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And now, you may ask, what do the British Royals and Queen of Afternoon Tea have in common? Well, today, the Queen Mum is a Queen Great Grandmum, Prince Philip is a Prince Great Granddad, and my two children have made me a Queen of Afternoon Tea Grandma six times. I think that qualifies us having something in common, don't you?

Have you seen any members of the Royal Family in person? I'd love to hear about it.


~Nancy Jill

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Tea Party Bridal Shower

The Tea Table
What could be better than a tea party for your daughter's bridal shower? In the first photo, our daughter Wendy (far left) flew in from California for the occasion to honor her little sister Holly (second from left). Daughter-in-law Jen (far right) was also on hand to help with the festivities.
It was such fun to serve dainty tea sandwiches, pasta salad, and desserts. And we mustn't forget the sherry. Some had never tasted the quintessential English drink.
For the Guest of Honor

Dessert Bar~French Macarons,  Chocolate Mousse in Demi-tasse cups, Fruit Tartlets, Madeleines, and Cupcakes-Champagne and Chocolate-Chip

Opening Gifts~The Best Part!

I hope you enjoy the photos and will read more about afternoon tea in all of the Jillian Bradley books. See you next time!


~Nancy Jill