Friday, April 20, 2012


For those of us who are enjoying good health right now, let's stop a moment and appreciate that fact. As I traveled yesterday from Austin, Texas to Oakland, California, I observed a parade of humanity, most of whom seemed to be in good health, but there were a few who were not. I paused to give thanks to God for giving me good health at this time. Illness is an integral part of life, reminding us that our bodies will one day shut down and expire. We'll all face that day. But until that day comes, why not be grateful for the good health we enjoy? For those of you who are suffering in some way, I pray for your comfort and strength. My little granddaughter is ill at the moment and my heart goes out to her as she suffers. I will do my best to comfort her and help her recover. There is nothing like having someone reaching out and showing concern when a fellow human being is suffering in some way. Even a phone call can mean so much. What do you do when someone is ill? Let's share some ways we can reach out and help make someone's day a little brighter. 

Thank you, everyone!                             

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