Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Nothing is ever perfect. The yellow smiling face is for the happiness of seeing my husband again after being gone six days. The green numb face is for the way I feel after contracted a bad cold and having to be silent on the plane trip home so I wouldn't give my cold to anyone. The red sad face is for the way I always feel when I have to leave my grandchildren and their parents after being with them for six days. Nothing is ever perfect. I know I'll see the faces again. But I will choose to remember that I have a husband to come home to, the cold will eventually go away and I'll make more trips to see my loved ones again. At this time, I'd like to ask the green face to step behind the yellow face, and the red face to step behind the green. Thank you. Now all I can see is the smiling yellow face. I'm home again.

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