Monday, December 3, 2012

Announcing Book 6 in NOOK!

Paperback $8.99
Kindle $2.99
Nook Book $2.99

Snuggle up with a good book this season, and find out what mystery Jillian and Teddy are up to solving this Christmas. Will Jillian find love, heartbreak, or both? (No fair reading the last page!)   

 The Cast

JILLIAN BRADLEY - Amateur sleuth, beloved aunt, and a widow at  present, Jillian is growing tired of writing her gardening column for three syndications. She is also tired of her widow status.

TEDDY - Jillian's Yorkie companion - an intelligent little dog who uses his instincts to sniff out clues when his mistress is on a case. He isn't happy that the pug "Napoleon" is coming for Christmas.

DETECTIVE WALTER MONTOYA - A young friend of Jillian's who is about to become a father for the first time. He and Jillian work together to find the killer, or is there more than one?

ERNIE STOKES - The victim found at the San Delta Power Plant who was to have played Santa for Jillian on Christmas Eve. Why was he so hated by everyone?

HAL NOLAN - Station operator for San Delta Power Plant who adores Teddy. Easy going and friendly, perhaps, but is he hiding something?

MARY TATE - A real looker and a bit of an actress - was her past life a motive for murder?

IVY WEINTRAUB - Worked her way up in the business end at San Delta Power but wanted more. Would she kill to get what she wanted?

NATHAN GOULD - An lonely accountant for the power company who saw a chance to better himself financially, but do the police think it was a motive for murder?

JASON OSBORN - Haunted by a mistake from his past, did the engineer kill to rid himself of the one man who knew?

OWEN HARPER - Successful manager of the power plant and devoted husband and father, what really happened when the power went off?

PRENTICE DUVAL - A successful art dealer who takes more than a passing fancy at Jillian this Christmas. Is he getting serious?

DR. VINCENT FONTAINE - Jillian's love interest from the past who turns up unexpectedly this Christmas to see her one more time. Will he get a second chance?


12/17 - THE DATE                                             
Author Nancy Jill Thames
12/24 - CHRISTMAS EVE                                 

Available now on in paperback, Kindle and Nook!


  1. Sounds quite interesting. Looking forward to reading it. Blessings, Susan Fryman

  2. Hi, Susan - I always liked the way Agatha Christie included a cast of characters in some of her books. Getting a glimpse of the cast added to the suspense. Hope you enjoy "Waiting for Santa."

    Have a Merry Christmas!

    ~Nancy Jill