Monday, December 10, 2012

Teddy and Napoleon

So what's the deal with Teddy, anyway? Well, it just so happens that Teddy is the bright spot in Jillian Bradley's life. He's her constant companion, and I do mean constant! Where ever Jillian goes, Teddy goes - wearing a red-rhinestone collar and matching leash. Jillian carries her Yorkie companion in a cheetah tote (a gift from Celeste Osborn, a character in the first book) to hotels, restaurants, and art galleries. Teddy goes with her on a cruise, to church on occasion, and accompanies her and Detective Walter Montoya as they investigate homicides.
    Although a solo character in "Murder in Half Moon Bay," Teddy makes a new friend in each of the books that follow. There's Lila, the Maltese in "The Ghost Orchid Murder," Ambrose, the mastiff in "From the Clutches of Evil," Goliath, the cat, in "The Mark of Eden," and Fancy, the apricot poodle in "Pacific Beach." And in my new book, "Waiting for Santa," Teddy must play host to Jillian's dog-nephew, Napoleon, a young pug puppy. 
     If you like to read about animal antics, you may enjoy The Jillian Bradley Mystery Series. 

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Here's an excerpt from 
"Waiting for Santa."

  Sydney rescued Napoleon from the laundry room and brought him in to play with Teddy. Teddy tolerated Napoleon’s being a puppy, but looked at me as if to say, “How long do I have to puppy sit?”
   “Now Teddy,” I said. “It’s Christmas Eve so behave and don’t worry, Napoleon is still young—he’ll be asleep soon.” 
   Teddy didn’t appear to be convinced. He sighed and lay on the floor, tolerating Napoleon trying to wrestle with him and chewing on his ear occasionally.

Do you enjoy animal antics in novels? What are some of your favorites?

Tune in for upcoming posts about 
"Waiting for Santa"

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Mystery novelist Nancy Jill Thames began publishing Christian fiction in 2010. The author of six books in the Jillian Bradley series, she is an award winning blogger and is listed numerous times on the Author Watch Bestseller’s List, this in addition to winning first place for her Chocolate Cream Pie. 

When she isn’t plotting her next book, she spends time with her six grandchildren in two states, tags along with her husband on business trips, and plays classical piano for her own personal enjoyment. She is an active member of the Leander Writers Guild and supports the Central Texas SPCA with a portion of her book sales. 

Nancy Jill is busy working on book 7 "The Ruby of Siam" a mystery taking place in London,England. 

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