Monday, December 17, 2012

In the Wake of Sadness - There is Hope

Once upon a time, there lived a happy young couple, friends of ours, who had two adorable little girls, aged five and three. Their dad was a successful business man, and their mom was a pretty young housewife with a radiant smile. The couple took their little girls to Sunday School and church every Sunday, and lived exemplary lives.

One day, as the little family was running errands and doing some Saturday shopping, they came to a stoplight. Just as their car stopped, a drunk driver rear-ended them, sending one little girl through the front windshield and the other through a back seat window. Both children died on impact, leaving the young couple in a state of utter shock and disbelief.

After the funerals, the couple attended the court session for the young man who was responsible for killing their little girls. But because they were Christians, they openly forgave the man and he walked free.

Unlike many who suffer tragic loss and live in never-ending grief, this couple chose to accept the deaths of their two daughters and trusted God to work His will for them. And He did.

I believe it was only about two years after the tragedy that a son was born to them, and later, another son was added to their family. Since we moved away, that was the last update I had on this couple.

The way they handled the horrible incident has stayed with me through the years. When I hear of gunmen ending peoples lives so senselessly as in this past week in Oregon and Connecticut, I pray that those who mourn will be comforted. Not only do I pray for God to comfort them, I pray they will seek God's perfect will for their lives as they have to move on.

I've been criticized for sharing my faith on occasion in the Jillian Bradley Mysteries, but when I've seen God's hand in the lives of people I know, seen the way He answers prayer and meets our needs, I cannot help but share about His wonderful love.

Thanks for letting me share this week. And thank you for continued prayer for the friends and families who lost their loved ones. 

If you have similar stories of  families conquering grief, I'd love to hear them.

~Nancy Jill

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  1. Forgiveness is healing.
    They the parents, are good people to forgive and will be better for doing so.
    Jesus preached forgiveness while telling us of God's justice will be leveled upon all.
    As for the driver, the drunk driver walking free, this is wrong.
    Accountability in light of forgiveness is necessary.
    Paying a substantive price is socially correct; responsibility for a persons actions is just.
    Responsibility for our actions is required.
    If this person, this executioner this week were to be let go, forgiven by all the parents, would that be right, just and the correct thing to do?
    Likely you say not.
    Where do we draw the line?
    How many executions are a point at which responsibility is leveled and hard time in prison for years is measured out?
    This country, the justice system has made similar leniency decisions in the past that have not gone well; the person recommitting similar crimes.
    Would like to know the ongoing history of this person let go to be free. I wonder if that person changed.
    History would suggest not.
    Prison has a sobering effect on most all.
    Forgiveness and justice go hand in hand.
    Dave Phillips - A Christian believing in justice.