Saturday, February 25, 2012


After a lovely time visiting with my daughter yesterday morning, we went to lunch in the charming town of Danville, California. Afterwards, we came home and I made a batch of homemade scones. You see, my granddaughter requested a tea party after she got home from school, so of course I had to bake the scones. They were lovely and delicious, served with whipped butter, strawberry jam and mock devonshire cream. I added fresh strawberries to the fare, along with red velvet cupcakes. A few minutes later, Mia, a friend of my granddaughter's, came over and I served her a scone and a cup of tea. After that, my grandson came in on his way to a basketball game, and grabbed two scones to eat on the way. Finally, my other granddaughter's friend Liv pops in and I served her a scone and a cup of tea as well. I thought there would be three leftovers for breakfast in morning, but alas, they were our dessert. All in all, the scones were a hit, I'm happy to say. Yes, it was a lovely scone afternoon. Wish you had been here!

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