Thursday, February 16, 2012


 Okay, these is not pictures of me on the beach! I read an article this morning that finally agreed with my way of thinking about exercise. Small bursts of activity throughout the day seems to be just as effective as prolonged sessions. Every half hour (I set the timer on my microwave) I get up from my computer and do a chore (put in a load of laundry, unload the dishwasher or make a bed). I reset the timer for another 30 minutes, sit back down at my computer (writing my mystery novels) and go at it until the timer goes off. At least I know my blood is circulating this way and it's a lovely thing to get my chores finished without really thinking of them as chores. They're more like exercise sessions. Very efficient! This way, I get to write (which I love) and the work gets done. Another side benefit is I don't have time for snacking, so doing the brief spurts on a timer helps me keep my weight down as well. Life is good! Do you have tips on exercise? I'd love to hear them. Oh, here's the link if you want to read the article. Have a lovely day!

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