Sunday, February 26, 2012


After three cups of coffee, I was wound up way too tight for anything rational to happen. Didn't matter what it was--a conversation with my mom with my granddaughter listening to the Disney channel at full volume, or trying to understand a credit card entry jostled between two different accounts (while listening to the Disney channel at full volume). My attitude was just plain CRANKY! You might ask, "Why not just turn down the volume?" But I wanted my granddaughter to enjoy her show. Now, being cranky is not my idea of how I want to live my life. No. People should want to be composed, but how do you do achieve that with too much on your plate combined with too many outside aggravations? Well, you don't. You drink the coffee, you lose control, you apologize after it happens and figure out that every challenge only needs a little time and patience to come to a solution. If I would have just said to myself, take the phone into a different room and stop inventing scenarios that aren't true when I talk to my mom, wait until I can handle the credit card entry issue until I return home from my trip, and just quit getting so upset over little things, I would have been composed instead of cranky. So glad we get second chances, aren't you?

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