Saturday, February 18, 2012


Are you like me? I get up in the mornings raring to go (after my coffee of course)! I can't wait to check my e-mails, Facebook posts, and spend a few moments with God, asking Him to direct my path for the day. Well, you may or may not do the last thing I do, but I highly recommend it to keep sane. I read a quote by Talli Roland that said, "Authors work every day." It's true! We can't seem to turn our minds off with all we have to do, writing, publishing and marketing our books. But here's the deal (and I've seen this happen to people), if you don't take a break at least one day a week to kick back and rest, the rest of the week is nothing but stressful work and you will burnout. So today, worship the Lord if you're a believer like I am, or at least take a break and do something to relax. If the words in the photo I've shown above is true, then take a break today (Sunday) and enjoy the rest; you'll feel renewed and ready to face a new week of opportunities. Have a lovely (and restful) day today!

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