Thursday, January 26, 2012


I did a tweet today that was re-tweeted to 75,000 followers. After I thanked the gentleman and added a note of appreciation, he re-tweeted my note to his 75,000 followers once again. I went to another site and voted in a poll, stating my opinion and mentioning that I wrote murder mysteries. The host of the site posted my book link to all of her fans and I gained even more exposure which resulted in a lovely spike in sales which enabled me to reach my monthly sales goal early on. Finding readers who enjoy my books is so rewarding. Knowing so many people bought my books today made me very happy, and all the work I put into my craft so worthwhile. A lovely feeling, indeed. So when you have an opportunity to pass something beneficial along, don't hesitate. You just might make someone's day very special, like someone did for me today. I'm so grateful to both of them.

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