Saturday, January 28, 2012


It used to be a bad thing to be over 40. You were over the hill. Finished. You might as well sit down and watch the deadline decline happen in your life. I never found that to be true. In fact, quite the opposite has happened in my life. By staying busy, involved with either my family, my church or my neighbors, I've never felt getting older was a bad thing. One adapts. One identifies with certain groups and finds acceptance and friendship when they do. With Facebook, Twitter, and blogs like mine, we can connect in ways never before imagined even 10 years ago. Staying in touch has never been easier or more rewarding. I'm happy to say I'm meeting more and more Baby Boomers online through my Jillian Bradley Mystery Series, people who are living to the fullest, because they choose to, and that's lovely!


  1. I so agree! My Mother-in-Law taught me a great lesson. Every birthday she say, "I get to be...whatever her age is." What a great way to look at growing older. She just turned 80. This year I got to turn 50. How cool is that?

    Keep focused!

  2. She sounds awesome!Lucky for you to have a mom like that.