Friday, November 30, 2012


It has always been my goal to entertain readers with stories of intrigue and mystery, interlaced with beauty and the good life.When a reader writes reviews like these, my success is complete. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

Worth Reading! November 28, 2012
This was a book I had to read straight to the finish without interruptions. It read like history from the East Bay of Central California. I could picture those canyons and trees. Yes, it took place in modern day with the main sleuth I've grown to love, but the story stretched back a century. Even though it took place in her home surroundings instead of a fancy resort, it was none the less satisfying. I have read uncountable mystery stories but this was a very new and unexpected storyline.
Good entertainment!

Lovely, comforting mystery! November 28, 2012
Can a murder mystery be lovely and comforting? By this author it can. This book gives fresh meaning to the term "cozy" mystery! The setting of the southwest was vividly described, along with good meals at a posh resort, well-rounded characters, and a very original mystery to boot. The comfort part comes in with the ease in which the author has the main character share her faith in God and heartfelt prayers. Also, zero profanity and other such offensive things.
Filoli House was mentioned also which I love. Looking forward to the next book. Quite a bargain for the kindle price of $2.99.

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