Monday, November 12, 2012

Poll Results - We Have a Winner!

Hey Jillian and Teddy fans! The results are in and we have a winner! Congratulations to Don Wilson! He wins a signed copy of "Waiting for Santa"due to launch this month.


Here's how you voted:

1. a  Most readers heard of the books through word of mouth.  

2. d  Most readers read the entire series.

3. a  Most readers gave a 5 Star Rating.

4. a  50% of readers wrote a review.  b. 50 % of readers did not write a review, yet.

5. c  Most readers both purchased and downloaded the books for free.

This was an awesome poll! I appreciate your honesty, and will anticipate doing it again next year. 

Have a great week, dear readers, and remember to take a little time to brighten someones day. You've brightened mine!

~Nancy Jill

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