Saturday, March 31, 2012


Roy Clark made a statement one time that has stayed with me over the years. He said that he was amazed that people paid him so much money just for having fun playing the guitar. Hee Haw was a top show which  entertained millions of people including myself for many years. As a writer, I've found the same to be true in my life. Writing mystery novels for me is fun! People buying my books is a lovely added bonus. I feel that when a person reads a story I've written, they are sharing my life's experiences. Somehow, with that connection I feel akin. This year I've had the pleasure of connecting with people reading my books globally in Germany, France, Italy and The United Kingdom. There are many other authors, far more successful than I am who have an even greater reach. What fun! I can't think of a more rewarding career. I'm grateful to all of you who help make this possible. If you haven't already, please help yourself to a Kindle copy of  FROM THE CLUTCHES OF EVIL as a thank you gift. This offer runs through Monday, April 2nd. Just click on Book 3 on the slideshow above. Have a lovely weekend!

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