Friday, March 30, 2012


As I scan posts and tweets all day long I notice two things: Either the poster or tweeter is happy about something, or they're venting about something. Sometimes the vents are warranted as a grief is shared or a is request made. But the posts and tweets I love to read are the ones that share victories, great or small, and noteworthy items such as encouraging quotes or inspirational videos. Uplifting words and photos make me feel like my glass is always at least half full, and many times filled to overflowing.  Keep them coming, dear friends. You know who you are!

P. S. If you haven't taken advantage of getting a free Kindle copy of my 3rd book FROM THE CLUTCHES OF EVIL, please click the link on the slideshow in the upper right hand corner and get the download. Book 3 is a free thank you gift (a $3.99 value) for all my mystery lover friends. I hope you enjoy the story.

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