Monday, January 2, 2012

Or for Worse...

My day started out perfectly. Up at 6 am, devotions, made breakfast of eggs, bacon and biscuits for my husband, put a load of laundry in the washer and together, we made the bed. Checked my e-mails, Facebook, Twitter and sales and began finishing up chapter six of my new book, Pacific Beach. Made lunch, a Southwest Chicken salad, and tidied up the kitchen. Wrote some more, took a break and vaccumed the living room and went back to writing again. And then I crashed from taking a 24 hr. antihistamine the previous evening. It's not even 4 o'clock and I'm totally incapacitated. I head for the couch and don't move for two hours. This, for me, is the "for worse" part of the marriage covenent. My husband has worked hard all day and would love to relax but what does he do? Makes sure I'm comfortable, offers sympathy and drives to Panda Express to bring me dinner so I won't have to cook and clean up the kitchen. It was a lovely thing to do and it makes me want to serve him all the days of my life.

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