Friday, January 13, 2012


   Most of  the women I know work outside the home. If there are children at home, finding solitude can be elusive, if at all. One woman really needed solitude for survival. Her name was Anne Morrow Lindbergh and she went through the horrendous trial of having their 20 month old baby kidnapped and murdered, not too far from their home. What most people don't know is that she went on to have five more children and lived a full and productive life as a bestselling author. I read her book, Gift from the Sea, last summer, while staying with my grandchildren, and I was enthralled at the loveliness of the book. Anne's children insisted she be given two weeks alone on an private island to renew herself every year. This she did, and wrote comparing the various stages in the life of life a woman to different shells she had collected. The book is beautifully illustrated and remains a popular read all over the world. If you don't have the luxury of having some solitude to renew yourself, I would suggest reading Gift from the Sea. You'll find it to be a lovely respite from the cares of the day. To order it, just click the link below.

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