Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tea Party Tuesday ~ Happy New Year!

Only $2.99 - Perfect for rounding out the holiday season.
Nancy Jill's Chocolate Cinnamon Torte
Welcome to Tea Party Tuesday, dear readers. I hope your holidays have been enjoyable and your New Year's Eve will bring further joy. At our house, we make Beef Bourguignon - a family tradition.  The recipe can be found in this year's issue of "A Cup of Cozy 2" along with other yummy recipes and short mysteries from my fellow authors at Cozy Mystery Magazine. You may also want to try my recipe for Chocolate Cinnamon Torte that I've included- a perfect treat for afternoon tea. 

Cheers for a Blessed 2015!
~Nancy Jill

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  1. Happy new year dear! My sister is your big fan. She read every storybook of yours. I will definitely try your Chocolate Cinnamon Torte recipe for her. She is going to be 18 this month and I am looking for some party places Miami for her surprise birthday party.