Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tea Party Tuesday ~ Voting Day

Welcome! On this lovely fall day we have the privilege to exercise our rights as Americans to vote for the candidates and issues important to our communities and nation. I hope you'll find a moment to cast your ballot.

May I pour you a nice cup of tea? Please help yourself to some delectable (and calorie free) tea fare. I'll take the eclair - and just think - you can take one too since it's virtual.

When I was standing in line to vote this morning, one woman turned to a gentleman in line behind her and told him she didn't care if she was late to work. It was important she voted!

Do you like the tea? It's decaffeinated Green tea. It's supposed to be healthy so I'm trying to get used to it. Not too bad, really.

It was so much fun to do my first event on Facebook last weekend. I celebrated three publishing events called Triple X with over 120 participants who won books and Go Jillian and Teddy! mugs as thank you prizes. So much fun!

Amazon Kindle Only $2.99!

Don't be shy - please have more tea and help me eat these lovely snacks. (I almost typed snakes!)

Last week we talked about the first event - the launch of Book 9 "Murder at Mirror Lake." I always wanted to go on a fall color tour so I wrote a mystery about "leaf peepers."

The second event was the launch of "A Cup of Cozy 2," second edition of  Cozy Mystery Magazine's anthology featuring our authors. In it you'll find six new short holiday stories including one from my new series called "Lawrence Buys a Gift." Lawrence is the amateur sleuth husband of one of Jillian's new friends. The book also includes fabulous holiday menus and recipes that you'll want to check out. I hope you enjoy it.

The third really happy event I'm celebrating is the new cover designs for my series. They're almost ready. Here is a close replica of what they'll look like (with a few changes, of course).

I hope you have a wonderful week. If you're looking for some "Murder She Wrote" kind of books, you may want to give mine a try.

Thanks for sharing our time together.

~Nancy Jill

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