Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tea Party Tuesday ~ Celebrating Our Veterans

Welcome to Tea Party Tuesday! Let me pour you a nice cup of tea and we'll begin our chat. Milk? Sugars?

Today is a great opportunity to thank those men and women in uniform for their service to our country and in our communities.
Thank you to those in the military, police, and firefighters, We appreciate your protection and watch care over us - day and night.

Cranberry Apricot Cheesecake Bread
My father was a command pilot of B-52's in the Air Force. How well I remember him being on alert for days on end, staying by the red phone in case our country was attacked.

Please have some cake - I especially love the cheesecake part.

My brother Hank flew RF 4 fighter jets in the Air Force, while my brother Tom served as a country sheriff until his retirement. Our son Mark served in the Air Force as well. Our niece Mi Chelle also serves as a police officer. Our family thanks you all!

Speaking of recipes, our new anthology "A Cup of Cozy 2" has all sorts of delicious recipes from our Holiday Menu selections. Included are my recipes for Beef  Bourguignon and Chocolate Cinnamon Torte featured in my New Years Ever Buffet menu.

In the anthology, I've written a debut story called "Lawrence Buys a Gift." Here's an excerpt from a recent review:

"Lawrence Buys a Gift" 5 stars. The title for my review is "Tea Anyone?". A couple has an amateur detective in for tea and the husband recounts his part in the solving of a murder. The housekeeper, Louise, is run ragged bringing in the goodies for the tea and keeping an eye on the menagerie of pets!

Available on Amazon Kindle only $2.99

Hope you enjoy the new book.
Have a wonderful week - Cheers!

~Nancy Jill 

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