Monday, August 13, 2012


Wow! Have you ever been so busy you don't even know what day it is? That's how I feel after my free five day promotion for "Murder in Half Moon Bay." But today is Monday (again) and there's much to be thankful for. Someone posted an all time best-sellers book list with the Bible on one end and The Diary of Anne Frank on the other. If you've never read either - you may want to see what the raving is all about.
   I think for me The Diary of Anne Frank left a lasting impression that life is all about attitude. Anne Frank chose to see the good in people in spite of her hopeless situation being caught up in the Holocaust. Even though it's Monday - the day for most people to get back to work, I'm choosing to look upon today with good anticipation for what will happen. I wish you a good day too, my friends.

Please check out my interview with Rosemary Adkins on "Queen of Afternoon Tea" this week and enter the give away of her book "Extraordinary Dreams of an Ireland Traveler."

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