Monday, August 27, 2012

A Lovely Award for my Blog!

My good friend across the sea Juliet Greenwood has nominated me for this lovely award! Thank you so much for the honor, Juliet! She has been my guest on "Queen of Afternoon Tea" and gave a delightful interview about her new book EDEN'S GARDEN. You may read all about her by clicking the link to the book.

 As part of the criteria for receiving this award, I'm asked to list ten things about myself and nominate six blogs I think deserve the Kreativ Blogger Award. So here goes:

1. My favorite place to visit is Disneyland.

2. My best vacation was taking a month long trip to New York, France and Great Britain to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.

3. My pet is a stray marmalade cat named Kitty Boy.

4. My favorite season of the year is Winter since I love sitting by the fire and drinking cups of tea.

5. I never go swimming because I don't want my hair to get wet.

6. I have a seashell collection.

7. I own 44 china teacups.

8. I play classical piano.

9. I'm an artist with my paintings hanging all over my house.

10. I adore gloomy weather.

And my six nominees for their creative, inspirational and informative blogs are:

1. D.D. Scott for The Writers Guide to E-Publishing

2. Cindy Ragsdale for Short Mysteries and Tall Tales

3. Deborah Malone for Sleuths and Suspects 

4. Catherine Fruiesen for Bleats from God's Sheep

5. Paulette Harper Johnson for The Spotlight Is on You

6. Naty Matos for The Rising Muse

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