Monday, December 12, 2011


My heart is full of happiness being with family and friends, especially at this time of year. I have armed my system and that of my husbands' with Juice Plus+, which (I have told my brain) will keep us from getting colds and the flu. So onward and upward with the Christmas celebrations, shopping for gifts, and using our Lenox Holiday China for everyday. I am determined to stay happy and unstressed for the remainder of the season, although I may need Aleve to help keep my body unaware of all I'm putting it through! And what a privilege to make Chicken and Dumplings and Chocolate Cream Pies for our Family Christmas Celebration! Just what we need! Well, it's only once a year. One final thought that I just love. Jesus had the birthday; we got the gift. Keep smiling!

P.S. I've been inspired to write a new book for Christmas next year.  "Waiting for Santa" is scheduled to be out October of 2012.

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