Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tea for One

   Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in an assisted living place? This past week, I had the opportunity of spending the day in one with my mom and her friends.
   It was a delightful experience. In spite of the aged residents, often in wheelchairs and walkers, there was such a wonderful spark of life about them as we laughed and shared during a meal together, or as we sat and listened to the news, or played a game of bingo.
   One lady in particular by the name of Jackie brought her blue and white teapot to the dinner table in the dining room. The attendant filled the pot with hot water and Jackie placed the teabag inside. 
   At 93, Jackie had suffered a stroke and needed to wear an adult size bib for meals.
   It was an inspiration to watch someone continuing to enjoy their teatime in spite of transitioning to assisted-living.
   Hopefully, we'll all continue to enjoy the niceties of life such as afternoon tea no matter where our lives may lead.
   As I left to return home I turned to Jackie and said, "I hope we'll meet again." She replied, "If I'm still here."

Cheers! ~Nancy Jill


  1. Some such facilities are sad places. It's important to be engaged with loved ones and make certain they are treated well. Good for you for spending the day!

    1. I agree. Visiting with the residents at my mom's assisted living was such a pleasure. Hopefully, if my time ever comes, I'll get to enjoy such friendships.
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. My aunt was in a lovely place and made some precious friends. How sweet that the lady still takes tea.
    Onisha Ellis

    1. Many people are reluctant to move into an assisted living facility. Perhaps more visibility of the positive side will help assuage those fears.
      Thanks for sharing, Onisha!