Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tea Party Tuesday ~ A TV Series On the Horizon?

Welcome to Tea Party Tuesday! Let me pour you a nice cup of tea. Milk? Sugars? My heroine and I take three sugars. I know, it's excessive, but it does taste good! 

Excessive is a word I now refer to when describing the voices in my head. They're constantly suggesting new characters and plots. All I can do to quiet them is create a title and register the ISBN numbers. Yesterday, the voices told me to write Book 11 "Murder at the Met," a story about the murder of a virtuoso in New York City.

What I need is a screenwriter!
Do you know of any? Please comment if you do. I think Jillian and Teddy's adventures would be fun to watch!

Please have some refreshments. And let me reheat your tea.

Of course I do have help from my husband and son who whisper plots in our everyday conversation. They're incorrigible! Especially my son, Michael, who will even go so far as to give me a pendant with a key on it for my birthday with a card that says, "Here is a key Jillian finds. What does it unlock?"

I love them. But little do they realize that if and when a screenwriter comes knocking, I'm pointing him or her in the direction of my voices. 

~Nancy Jill

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