Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tea Party Tuesday * A Toast To Betas

Welcome to Tea Party Tuesday! I would like to raise a toast to my wonderful 
Beta Reader Team: 
Barbara Babcock
Tom Biggs (my wonderful brother)
Deborah Fox Belissio
Roxanne Day
Sid Frost
Brenda Burke Johnson
Donna Montgomery (who's been with me from the very first book!)
Gale O'Brien
Michelle Tucker Reed
Maxine Rohde
Shanan Shepherd
Ted Thames (my sweet husband) and
Karen Timmermann

These eagle eye readers will take the rough draft of Book 9 "Murder At Mirror Lake"
and make notes of suggested changes to enhance the work. Their input is invaluable to an indie author such as myself. As a thank you, I'll be sending them a signed copy when the book is hot off the press. Betas such as these often write the first reviews, helping to successfully launch a book.

So a huge thank you, Betas, as we begin this undertaking. Your input is most appreciated.


                    ~Nancy Jill


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