Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tea Party Tuesday at Mirror Lake Inn

Welcome to my website! I'm happy you took a few moments to stop by. After we share tea and refreshments, please check out the pages and get acquainted with the Jillian Bradley mysteries.
Let me pour you a cup. Milk? Sugars? Please help yourself to some sandwiches and tarts. Aren't they lovely?

Did you notice the silver cake tongs? I almost got a pair of these for Mother's Day, but received sunglasses and an oversize purple and black case instead. Maybe next year.

Over the weekend I enjoyed afternoon tea at the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid, New York. Fierre, the server, brewed my Earl Grey to perfection. And the chocolate chip cookies were wonderful! I was doing research for my next book "Murder at Mirror 
Lake" due out at the end of 2014.

Another server showed me around the kitchen and introduced me to two of the chefs as I gathered research for the setting of the murder.

Let me refill your cup. There we go. Have another cake if you wish. Please don't leave them for me to finish!

Regarding the contest for a book giveaway, seventeen more of you have liked my Facebook page. Thank you. Please note that I usually serve tea there every afternoon so I hope you'll join me if you haven't already.

To enter, please click the Facebook button on the right and like my author page. Or, you may click this link to like:
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~Nancy Jill

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A Little Background...

  When I was in junior high school, I wanted to become an architect or a yacht designer. After high school, my best friend and I dreamed of opening a studio where she could teach dance and I would teach piano. The closest I got was getting a degree in music, teaching piano lessons at home for one year and serving as the church choir director for four years.
   My husband took me on business trips to great resorts, my friends and I had tea parties, and life was generally good until one day, I got bored.

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