Monday, April 29, 2013

Meet Goliath the Cat in "The Mark of Eden"

Teddy, Jillian's Yorkie, is an important character in the series. Having friends for Jillian's pet is a good way to add to the story, especially for all the pet lovers out there. In "The Mark of Eden" Goliath appears as an adopted stray in the home of Chief Frank Viscuglia. Margaret, his wife, invites Jillian and Teddy to stay with them in Half Moon Bay as the two investigate the disappearance of a dear friend. Teddy must co-exist with the huge cat as a house guest. Read the book to find out how they get along.
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The idea for Goliath came from an incident that happened to my father when I was a teen. Loving cats the way I did, I was always bringing home strays. Unfortunately my dad was allergic so he'd wind up carrying them off and depositing them in the country.

One cat was dropped off not too far from the Air Force base where my dad worked. The next morning the same cat sat on my dad's desk, waiting for him. I believe one of his colleagues took the poor thing and gave it a home. The idea found it's way into "The Mark of Eden" only the cat shows up on Chief Viscuglia's desk. If you like cats, you might enjoy the read. Have any of you ever experienced cats or dogs finding you after you've tried to distance them? I'd love to hear your story. Have a great weekend, dear readers.

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 ~Nancy Jill 
Mystery novelist Nancy Jill Thames began publishing Christian fiction in 2010. The author of six books in the Jillian Bradley series, she is an award winning blogger and is listed numerous times on the Author Watch Bestseller’s List, this in addition to winning first place for her Chocolate Cream Pie.

When she isn’t plotting her next book, she spends time with her six grandchildren in two states, tags along with her husband on business trips, and plays classical piano for her own personal enjoyment. She is an active member of the Leander Writers Guild and supports the Central Texas SPCA with a portion of her book sales.

Nancy Jill is busy working on book 7 "The Ruby of Siam" a mystery taking place in London, England. To learn more about the author and check out her books, please visit her blog at  

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