Monday, February 11, 2013


When a person gets to be my age and Valentine's Day arrives, I believe there's still a twinge of doubt that someone really cares enough to make the day special. At our house I'm the one who usually plans the celebrations. My husband simply doesn't want to have to think about them. We even keep a box full of old cards, all signed from past events so we save trips to the store - and not to mention the $3-$4 a pop!

But what about people who don't have a spouse or significant other? Take Charlie Brown for instance. The only valentine he usually gets is from his faithful dog Snoopy! Poor Charlie Brown - we all feel sorry for him, don't we? And yet there are people all around us who would love to be recognized in some small way on Valentine's Day. 

Candy and flowers are nice, they really are. Fattening and expensive, but nice. I personally don't care for either anymore. Especially since the last time my husband bought me orange and yellow flowers  - he didn't think that my house was done in burgundies. No, what really has meaning is a text from my daughter that says, "Will you be my valentine?" And then I realized that what St. Valentine tried to do all those years ago was to get people to show love in a tangible way - a small note telling someone they mattered. 

So today I challenge you (and myself) to consider every person you come in contact with to be your valentine. A card, a tweet, a post or just wishing people a Happy Valentine's Day will not only be a blessing to the recipients, but I think we'll find that we'll be the one's on the receiving end.

See you in my books!
 ~Nancy Jill

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