Thursday, July 19, 2012


Craft Time

At the Wi Wheel
The good thing about being a grandma is that you only have to think about having a good time with your grandkids. Everything in your normal routine stops and you pass into a children's world.

Swim Time

But instead of parenting (the first kid is the hardest) a grandma knows to lead by example. I sit at their small table on a tiny stool and eat, softly enforcing table manners, praising them when they don't spill crumbs on the floor by eating over their plates. 

We do laundry together, making a game of it. Grandmas teach what tissues are for and offer choices to teach independence. So much fun!
We punctuate the days with fun things to do as you see in these photos. And the best thing about being a grandma? It's almost like being a child again, seeing the world through their eyes. Sigh...I love being a grandma. ~Nancy Jill
Baking Cookies Together


  1. Very awesome Jill!! That's the best way to teach! Through example, and through praising the good and ignoring the bad. Now, of course sometimes the bad is SO bad you have to punish (as a parent, maybe not as a grandma) but praising the good is so much better to do if you can. Like, it makes me a happy mom, instead of a grouchy one. :) The key, I think is to keep the kids busy with projects they like, and to give them choices (like you said). Sometimes the choice is... you can clean your Legos and get to watch this cool movie with popcorn...or not clean your room, and be bored without anything fun to do. Usually they clean. Especially when I sit in there and encourage them with singing songs or something. I know, I'm crazy...but singing while you clean is a great way to get kids to clean. Works like a charm!!