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I enjoyed the 4th book in the Jillian Bradley Mystery Series. It was suspenseful and entertaining at the same time. She does, however, go a little overboard on her dog "Teddy" but as she said he is like her child.

Even though I had an inkling who the murderer was, I never guessed how it was being done or why. He was a genius but had slipped over the line between genius and insanity.

Generally after a few books in a series, a writer can get repetitive and boring but all these stories are different. Maybe she mAy reflect on something that had happened the last time they were together or in a tight spot but not enough to get annoying.

I think they are finally getting their proofreading problems fixed. Maybe the next book will be totally without errors. These books are great.

 June 10, 2013
This review is from: Murder in Half Moon Bay (Jillian Bradley Mysteries, No. 1) (Kindle Edition)
Wonderful reading. Great characters and beautiful Half Moon Bay. I spent a number of years taking my dogs to that very special beach. Lots of twists and turns. Looking forward to the next book. Interesting place. A lovely place to spend the weekend.

Diane Hopper 


 Exciting Book, June 5, 2013 
This review is from: From the Clutches of Evil (A Jillian Bradley Mystery, No. 3) (Kindle Edition)
After being disappointed with her second novel in this series, I was hesitant about buying this book. I am glad that I did. It was Jillian at her best. She has a lot of heart and cares about others.

She is not afraid to go where she needs in order to find the answer to a mystery. Her dog "Teddy is a remarkable animal and for a Yorkie very fearless. Even her friend Ann (from the first book) was back.

I thought they had the proofreading thing straightened out until the end. The last chapter was repeated. Oh well, at least it wasn't throughout the entire book. 

By cathyvee - June 2, 2013
This is a good book to take to the beach. It moves along very well and is not too much to think about. Quite entertaining.

Murder in Half Moon Bay, May 29, 2013
This review is from: Murder in Half Moon Bay (Jillian Bradley Mysteries, No. 1) (A Jillian Bradley Mystery) (Kindle Edition)
A little too contrived to get a 5 star, but I enjoyed it, even if I knew in advance the dog was going to be dognapped. (I wouldn't have liked it if the dog had been hurt.)

Interesting, May 28, 2013
C. Greene (Albany, OR USA) -

This review is from: Murder in Half Moon Bay (Jillian Bradley Mysteries, No. 1)  (Kindle Edition)
This was an enjoyable read. Nothing too challenging in plot, but a   pleasant book nonetheless. I do like the locations she chooses for this series.

Enjoyable Mystery, May 27, 2013 
By Pat Peregrin - See all my reviews 
This review is from: Murder in Half Moon Bay (Jillian Bradley Mysteries, No. 1) (Kindle Edition)
Just finished reading this book. It was a page turner until the very end. In this book, Jillian, her three garden club friends and her dog Teddy, help the Chief find the murderer. At times you couldn't tell who was really in charge of the investigation but unlike other Police Chiefs, this one took it in stride. If Jillian and her friends weren't sleuthing they were eating. This was a good read. Looking forward to reading the next mystery.

 Murder in Half Moon Bay, May 22, 2013
Margie Jessie (Washington, USA) -

This review is from: Murder in Half Moon Bay (Jillian Bradley Mysteries, No. 1) (A Jillian Bradley Mystery) (Kindle Edition)
This is the first time I have read any Nancy Jill Thames writings. Thoroughly enjoyable. She holds your attention and your interest with the twists and turns,makes it hard to put down . Jillian Bradley truly comes to life with her partner (and adorable dog) Teddy. The descriptions of the areas and people makes them all real.
I have purchased more of her books and I know I will enjoy each one as I did the Murder in Half Moon Bay.

Hooked so much I have bought the rest in the series April 28, 2013
I just loved this book, the characters came to life for me.

I have never been one for a lot of fiction, but this author is fantastic, so much I have purchased the rest in the series and plan to enjoy early nights, tucked up warm in bed, with my 4 dogs, reading!

Well done and keep up the good work!

 Interesting Mystery April 26, 2013
Sounded a lot like Jessica Fletcher mysteries. Never did find out how old she was though. Had a lot of help from other people to solve the case and got into a little trouble along the way.

good read, April 21, 2013
This review is from: Murder in Half Moon Bay (Jillian Bradley Mysteries, No. 1) (A Jillian Bradley Mystery) (Kindle Edition)
Enjoyed this book, mystery and suspense great characters, good read fun good plots and loved the little doggie too. fun



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 Gossip in the Garden April 20, 2013
A little gossip hurts no one. Or does it?

Old friends provide insights that we have learned to respect. Never underestimate the power of inquiring minds. Working together provides amazing results.

Enjoyable reading!

Great Book April 9, 2013
I love this book. I like the way it mystery all comes together at the end - It's the kind of book you can sit and read and get lost in the story. Love little Teddy.


Barbara Ann Derksen reviewed From the Clutches of Evil: A Jillian Bradley Mystery Fun, cozy read April 9, 2013

Jillian Bradley, the heroine in the Series, becomes guardian to a young teen after an accident leaves him with amnesia and his female companion dead. An implanted chip in the young man pushes Jillian to discover who her houseguest is and why no one has filed a missing person's report. Plenty of rest is prescribed for Luke, the temporary name given the young man and with around the clock nursing, Jillian is given the freedom to put her listening ear to good use. A fun cozy mystery, I highly recommend this book.



Thank You! April 2, 2013
I just stopped by to say thank you for the free book, which I downloaded ages ago. Sorry for the delay, but I had a ton of books to read, and now I have a chance to post reviews.

5.0 out of 5 stars Mystery, entertaining, and a good story, March 8, 2013
I enjoyed reading a different type of story than I have been choosing. This story held my interest and made me want to keep reading it. I feel I would enjoy reading more by this author in the future. Jana from East Texas


Review by: Phillip Gatua on March 03, 2013

I felt like I was part of the story - that's how engrossed I got. I like the relationship Jillian has with the cop guy.

Feel Good Christmas Book February 28, 2013 

By Elizabeth Truiett

Format:Kindle Edition
Jillian rings in the Christmas season with her friends Walter and Cecelia and extended family, but the real mystery lies in Jillian's quest for romance. I can hardly wait to see what comes next for Jillian in the next novel, Ruby of Siam. The murder mystery is well thought out and packs a punch when you realize who the murderer is!

5.0 out of 5 stars Great book, February 24, 2013
I enjoyed this book and finished it in a day. It is a good clean book with a good story line. Nancy Thames is a great author and I will be reading more of her books.

Review by: Erickson Sue on Jan. 25, 2013 :
I loved this story!! Kept me reading well into the night. Thanks for the great read, why is the only book on smashwords???? I loved the nosy Jillian and her friends. The setting was beautiful as I have been there many times. Teddy just loved!!! Again what a great read!! 




Jemima Pett
Jemima Pett rated it 4 of 5 stars false  
Shelves: crime
Jillian and her three collaborators in the Garden Club head off for a conference in a swanky hotel. Even though I've been to conferences in swanky hotels, it felt very alien to my lifestyle, but I suspect some of my friends would be far more at home with the setting. It gave me the impression of a Californian version of Dallas. There were a lot of people introduced to me very fast, and who was with whom didn't really settle in my brain till quite late into the book, after one or two had been murdered! I think this may have been my post-Christmas disorientation, but sometimes I felt Jillian's conversations, especially with suspects, to be very short. Would these people really give her intimate details with clues so that she could solve the crime in such a short exchange?

Jillian and her friends sort of irritated me with their pushy involvement in the crime-solving. Why would the Police Chief welcome their involvement? How about them trampling over all the evidence? And she kept putting herself at risk in very naive ways. I think she was extremely lucky not to have been bumped off herself.

But from these comments you can tell a number of things (I hope). Jillian gets you involved in her world. The author does a great job in drawing you in to the plot and to some of the people. The setting is described beautifully and the plot itself hangs together extremely well. From something that seemed very light to start with, it gets very deep, and I liked the science link, which was very realistic. It's always good when you can't put a book down after you've passed the halfway point!

I'm not sure whether I want to join Jillian in some of her other adventures, I'm not the Miss Marple kind, but I may well give them a go. Partly because Teddy the dog is adorable!


Pacific Beach December 12, 2012
An intriguing mystery that kept me guessing until the very end. Her descriptions of the California coastline and beach towns were reminiscent of what I remember from visiting there. I will read all of Nancy Jill Thames stories now.

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Waiting for Teddy and Jillian December 4, 2012
When I download one of these books on my Kindle (and/or order paperback from Amazon also) I read to the end-in one sitting-if possible. I want to see what Jillian and Teddy are up to NExT. As a teacher of English in high school and college, I have read many books-some for "work" and many for "pleasure"...I have yet to discover a series that is so entertaining...quick reads...Jillian gets into situations that bring smiles to the readers...Teddy is a darling...almost a human character. I look forward to the next installment in the lives of Teddy and Jillian and hope this series continues for a long, long time. Oh, yes--I reread the book to make sure I missed the summers, I read the series, one after the other, to refresh my memory. To me, Jillian and Teddy are real, and I find it difficult (at times) to determine that they are characters in that...this writer brings the page alive...

Worth Reading! November 28, 2012
This was a book I had to read straight to the finish without interuptions. It read like history from the East Bay of Central California. I could picture those canyons and trees. Yes, it took place in modern day with the main sleuth I've grown to love, but the story stretched back a century. Even though it took place in her home surroundings instead of a fancy resort, it was none the less satisfying. I have read uncountable mystery stories but this was a very new and unexpected storyline.
Good entertainment!

Lovely, comforting mystery! November 28, 2012
Can a murder mystery be lovely and comforting? By this author it can. This book gives fresh meaning to the term "cozy" mystery! The setting of the southwest was vividly described, along with good meals at a posh resort, well-rounded characters, and a very original mystery to boot. The comfort part comes in with the ease in which the author has the main character share her faith in God and heartfelt prayers. Also, zero profanity and other such offensive things.
Filoli House was mentioned also which I love. Looking forward to the next book. Quite a bargain for the kindle price of $2.99.

Christian Mystery Thriller! November 22, 2012 

Format:Kindle Edition
In my opinion, in "The Ghost Orchid Murder"...the second novel in this series...the main character and super sleuth Jillian Bradley has a kindred spirit. As I was reading this captivating novel, my mind kept recalling Angela Lansbury in her role as Jessica Fletcher in the once popular television show, Murder She Wrote. Both of these female characters play a similar role...writers, widows, and willful women determined to solve murder mysteries.

Talented Author Nancy Jill Thames demonstrates her creative ability in this Christian mystery novel. Along with a suspenseful "whodunit" murder, she manages to incorporate a touch of faith, a hint of romance, as well as the key ingredients it takes to write an enjoyable mystery novel. The many characters/suspects in the story add to the intensity of solving the murder mystery in an expedient and effective manner. Jillian Bradley, along with her lovable dog Teddy, manage to assist in solving this crime in no time flat. If you enjoy a good, clean mystery murder, then this is the novel for you.

WOW! AWESOME BOOK!! November 19, 2012
This was an enjoyable read! I needed something fun today as I waited for family to come in for the holiday. I interspersed a chapter read with a cleaning chore and the day went by quickly. The house is ready for company and I've found a new favorite author and mystery series. Even though I'm on the east coast now, I've been to Half Moon Bay and the Ritz so I knew just what she was talking about. I love it too, but who wouldn't! It was good to be reminded.
I was glad I didn't run into the usual four letter words and nasty content that cause me to stop reading and go for the refund button. That was really a relief, a breath of fresh air. I thank this author for that, along with making it an affordable price on the kindle. I wish her a Happy Thanksgiving as I've something extra to be thankful for this year. Keep up the good writing!

 grab it and sit back and enjoy, October 23, 2012 
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Murder in Half Moon Bay (Jillian Bradley Mysteries, No. 1) (A Jillian Bradley Mystery) (Kindle Edition)
Great little whodunit! - the suspense begins as soon as you start this adventurous hotel conference meeting and continues as you meet murder and drama down a "garden club" path to determine this puzzling mystery. Despite the serious nature of the plot, Thames manages to intercept moments of "society refinement" and "fun work-getaway time" with plenty of subtle hints to keep you guessing the murder culprit. The mix of an exclusive resort combined with the contemporary story line adds up to a time of captivating and fun reading following clever Jillian and her precious little companion/sleuth Yorkie. I can't wait to read the whole series!

Suspend your disbelief and enjoy! 22 Oct 2012

By Anemone
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Apart from the totally unlikely ease with which the protagonist is able to take part in a police investigation (which coming from a criminal justice background I found irritatingly unconvincing, but going with my Agatha Christie-reading background it was acceptable) I enjoyed this story: the characters, plot and setting were nicely developed and the canine character added a bit of fun. (Okay I talk to my dog too.) The plot revolves around a type of threat which is surprisingly rarely dealt with in this genre. As a fan of good cosies, I will look forward to the next in the series.

Review: Pacific Beach by Nancy Jill Thames

Title: Pacific Beach
Author: Nancy Jill Thames
Series: Book 5 of the Jillian Bradley Mysteries
Publisher: Createspace
ISBN: 978-1466237780
Publisher’s Summary: The quaint surfing town of Pacific Beach becomes a destination for murder when a young starlet and her mother are found brutally murdered at the Pacific Terrace hotel where Jillian’s family reunion is taking place. Their reunion takes a terrifying turn when Jillian’s nephew is arrested as a prime suspect and Jillian must move quickly to find the real killer and prove her nephew’s innocence. There is no shortage of suspects, including an unsavory doctor who attended the popular teen star and a mysterious guest at the party where the starlet dies. But why is her mother murdered with her? Working at Jillian’s side to find the perpetrator of these bizarre killings are her faithful assistant Cecilia Montoya, and Teddy, Jillian’s Yorkie companion who sniffs out his own clue.
Our Review: Pacific Beach is the fifth book in the Jillian Bradley mysteries.
This was my first time reading a book in the Jillian Bradley series, and Nancy Jill Thames does a very good job in detailing the background of Jillian and her family. I definitely didn’t feel like I lost anything by not reading the earlier books in the series.
Jillian and her family are headed for Pacific Beach for a family reunion. Staying in the same hotel is a young starlet called Victoria. When Victoria and her mother both turn up dead, the police eye up Jillian’s nephew, Chase, as the number one suspect. It’s up to Jillian to try and clear Chase’s name.
I really enjoyed Pacific Beach. The first chapter was very suspenseful and really set the tone for the whole book. I quickly got caught up in the magical, sunny setting where two deadly murders occurred. The mystery itself was excellent. I don’t want to give to much away to anyone wanted to read this book, but I loved how detailed the mystery was and it definitely kept me guessing!
Jillian is a little older than most of the sleuths I have been reading lately, and I really liked this fact. She seems like a younger version of Miss Marple. Well if Miss Marple had a cute adorable Yorkie called Teddy!
I loved Jillian’s family. The best way to describe them is cozy and tight-knit. At their family reunion they do a family meeting where they all share what has been happening with each of them. I just wanted to be a member of this warm and loving family.
This was such a enjoyable mystery, and I am planning to read the earlier books in the series.

Rhonda Patton reviewed The Ghost Orchid Murder (Jillian Bradley Mysteries, No. 2) (The Jillian Bradley Mystery...
Interesting August 11, 2012
I found this book catching my eye. Sounds good. I cannot wait to buy and read the rest of it. 

Most Helpful Customer Reviews
What a special blessing September 2, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition
when one finds that a friend is a skilled writer! I just had the pleasure of reading my first Jillian Bradley Mystery, likely not the last, feeling exhausted from my exciting trip to glorious California (my husband and I consider it our second home!).......that's how delicious the descriptive writing was. I also enjoyed a faith based novel, fun and easy reading, perfect for this holiday weekend. And the most delightful aspect was precious Teddy, a sweetly written doggie character I so wish I could invite to play with my cocker. All in all, a lovely story from a lovely lady!

Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Jillian Bradley had a mystery come knocking. She couldn't ignore it; her family was involved.

Nancy Jill Thames allows the plot of Pacific Beach to unfold and the suspense to build with an expertise that keeps her readers guessing. I like that this cozy mystery has positive family values. I love that even her dog becomes a well-rounded character.

I'm looking forward to "Waiting for Santa."

Discovered a new Author 31 Mar 2012 
By Caza
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
One of the best things about Kindle freebies is discovering a new Author. Nancy Jill Thames is a real find, her heroine Jillian Bradley sends up arrow prayers throughout the day just like I operate, and owns a Yorkie named Teddy, just like I would love! An easy read, full of mystery and murders and I was confident I would not come across any unnecessary - aren't they all - swear words. I will be purchasing the rest of her books for my next holiday.

Let's go to SAN DIEGO!! August 9, 2012
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
For those of you who have been there you know it's easy to love San Diego. This author "aces" capturing the ambiance of San Diego in a resort setting. I could feel the warmth of the sun and the relaxing atmosphere laying around the pool with different characters in the book. The murder mystery was believable but not predictable. This author is just getting better with each book.

 Worthwhile!, August 9, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Murder in Half Moon Bay (The Jillian Bradley Mysteries, Vol. 1) (Paperback)
What a fun read!! I enjoyed the author's descriptions and her ability to "put me" in the room with the characters. I fell in love with her dog "Teddy" and having him involved with the story was refreshing. I looked forward to the time I spent reading this book and am excited about reading more from this author. Great Book!!

Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase


Scarlett Rains' Review of Murder in Half Moon Bay

Something’s fishy at the Ritz…and it doesn’t sit well on a cracker!
My Review

Murder in Half Moon Bay, (Jillian Bradley Mysteries, No. 1) is an entertaining, fast-paced, read. Nancy Jill Thames’s clever protagonist, Jillian Bradley, doesn’t miss a beat.  She, and her garden club friends, arrives at the West Coast Garden Club Society’s Annual Conference in Half Moon Bay expecting to relax, spend the weekend gleaning gardening tips, whiling away pleasant hours surveying plant specimens, and sampling great food.  Jillian quickly realizes there is something fishy going on at the Ritz…and she’s not talking about fertilizer! The soil at the Ritz-Carton doesn’t need enrichment.  Bodies are popping up over there faster than bean sprouts on steroids!  Good thing Jillian is not only a gardening expert, but a VERY good listener, a keen observer of detail…and a list-maker.  Put all that together, stir in the ‘contributions’ of Teddy (Jillian’s little Yorkie –who may just be telepathic!) and you’ve got yourself a great potting mix for a budding detective. 
As Nancy Jill Thames’s delightful story unfolds, a botanist might prove more useful than the FBI or the local police department.  All sorts of cross-pollination seems to be going on, what with social butterflies flitting around, landing in who knows whose room, and things taking root where they never should have been planted!   I’m not one for spoilers, but there are weeds that need pulling at the Ritz-Carlton and Jillian’s just the gal for the job. She and her friends waste no time. They get to work, digging in the dirt, to solve the mystery.
I enjoyed Thames’s family-friendly mystery very much.  This charming book earned 4/5 hearts. I would have given it 5/5, but one of the plot points troubled me.  As brilliant as Jillian clearly is, I couldn’t see a police chief allowing her to question suspects, until later in the series —after she establishes her stellar reputation as a sleuth. That trifle aside, Murder in Half Moon Bay is the sort of book to enjoy on a rainy day, snuggled in a recliner with a nice cup of Jillian’s favorite, Lady Earl Grey, tea.  I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a clever mystery that’s not soaked in blood and gore.  I look forward to reading all of the Jillian Bradley Mysteries.

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Disclosure:  I requested this book of the author and received it as a gift.  My review reflects my honest opinion of the work.

Here is Amazon's Top Pick!

Brenda Burke "hurricanewv" reviewed Murder in Half Moon Bay

Hooked on Jillian and Teddy April 2, 2011
From the first book, I was hooked. Who can imagine a female protagonist-our age-Baby Boomers-who gets into so much trouble? At every turn, Jillian is engrossed in a mystery. Her little friend, Teddy, (whether one likes dogs or not) is another character in this fantastic series. I can't put them down once I begin. I read quickly...then read them again--on my Kindle, of course!

Look what I found on my book "From the Clutches of Evil" this evening: A five star review!! Thank you, dear reader!

Aptly named: Title says it all April 21, 2012
By megordon/texas
Format:Kindle Edition
This is an extremely interesting, well written book. It is free, for the most part, from those maddening and frequent "mistakes" that so many Kindle books are afflicted with. (I wonder if there was actually a PROOFREADER???!!!) Tightly written, without a lot of unnecessary and distracting "filler" thrown in. A good plot, realistic characters that one can care about, and straightforward writing, all combine to make this an outstanding read. Congratulations, Ms Thames. I'll have to go back and read your other books. This was the first one I'd come across!

outstanding December 10, 2011
As always this book is as good if not better than her past ones.
Wonderful reading, keeps my interest and that is hard for me, as
I don't read that much. A must have.

Come meet Jillian and her dog Teddy, you'll be glad you did! December 8, 2011
A book you'll want to share with others. Interesting characters, surprising plot twists, and a fun read. If this is the first Jillian Bradley book you've read, you'll want to go back and read the earlier volumes and you 'll eagerly await the next!

The Mark Of Eden November 10, 2011
Newlyweds, Walter and Cecilia Montoya are on their honeymoon, but Cecilia grows increasingly concerned when she is unable to contact her widowed father. Then, there is the seemingly natural deaths of 2 elderly men...yet something just does not add up. Certain items are out of place...and just what is the meaning of the curious looking tattoos? Detective Walter Montoya, Jr., returns home in hopes of discovering the whereabouts of his missing father-in-law, but company procedure will not let him due to conflict of interest. Longtime friend, Jillian Bradley, is called in to help solve this mystery. Jillian and her faithful dog, Teddy, along with family and friends of the victims join forces to work through the clues until this puzzle is solved. The race to find Cecilia's dad before it is too late makes this an intensely makes this a nonstop adventure.

This was an enjoyable read, and also one that highlighted some of the topics that can affect those who are growing older and alone. While I do wish I had read the previous 3 novels in this series first, it is not necessary to sort out who the various characters are. Enough background detail is provided to sort them out and their relationship to one another without people who are familiar with them getting bored with a game of catch-up. I thought there were some unusual twists along the way and it did keep my interest.

Murder in Half Moon Bay June 24, 2011
This cozy murder mystery story is perfect for reading these stories to relax. Teddy reminded me of my dog. The author kept the plot moving with very good construction.I would definitly read another. I read the book on my kindle which was great. However, the continual use of quotation marks in place of commas and apostrophes was bothersome. Probably, it was not the author's fault.

A really fun book to read May 10, 2011
I love the book. I read her first book and loved it also.
Can't wait for more to come.

outstanding May 6, 2011
Again this young lady has done a wonder, outstanding, great, or any other word that is great. I won't be surprised if Hollywood doesn't call and have her write the screen plays for her books. This author keeps you interested and on the edge of your seat. I haven't finished the third book yet, but will, just want people to know how good it is so far. Just like the other book of hers.


  1. I have added the rest of the series to my wish list, ready to be downloaded to my kindle. Great books.

  2. You're all right, Barbara! I'm a series person myself - favorite one being "Murder She Wrote" (as if you couldn't guess)! Thanks for sharing.

    ~Nancy Jill