Wednesday, March 18, 2020

COVID-19 What is Going to Happen Next?

When I lay down at night, my mind whirls with thoughts of the day:

How long will our food last?
If my husband gets sick, will I?
Will hospitals overflow with virus victims?
Will we have enough medicine to get through this virus if we catch it?
What about those losing jobs?
In essence, what is going to happen now?

No one knows.

But I can begin to see good things emerging:

The environment in Italy is clearing of pollutants due to less traffic. Wild life is returning.

Children, home from school, are with their parents.

Parents are spending less time on their cell phones and tending to their family’s needs.

Many businesses are finding ways to give back to the community.

Less time is being spent commuting.

Many are cooking again because they have to and some are enjoying it!

Families are drawing closer together.

Older parents are receiving attention.

Neighbors are stepping up to help the elderly and those at risk.

You can probably think of more. 

I also believe our country will become more self-sufficient, which is a good thing.
We as a nation have endured hardships in the past. We have also revived and learned valuable lessons along the way. 
Yes, the worst may be yet to come. Let us hold onto our faith, our values, and most importantly, each other. For then we focus on what we can do each day instead of wondering what is going to happen tomorrow.

~Nancy Jill