Friday, November 30, 2012


It has always been my goal to entertain readers with stories of intrigue and mystery, interlaced with beauty and the good life.When a reader writes reviews like these, my success is complete. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

Worth Reading! November 28, 2012
This was a book I had to read straight to the finish without interruptions. It read like history from the East Bay of Central California. I could picture those canyons and trees. Yes, it took place in modern day with the main sleuth I've grown to love, but the story stretched back a century. Even though it took place in her home surroundings instead of a fancy resort, it was none the less satisfying. I have read uncountable mystery stories but this was a very new and unexpected storyline.
Good entertainment!

Lovely, comforting mystery! November 28, 2012
Can a murder mystery be lovely and comforting? By this author it can. This book gives fresh meaning to the term "cozy" mystery! The setting of the southwest was vividly described, along with good meals at a posh resort, well-rounded characters, and a very original mystery to boot. The comfort part comes in with the ease in which the author has the main character share her faith in God and heartfelt prayers. Also, zero profanity and other such offensive things.
Filoli House was mentioned also which I love. Looking forward to the next book. Quite a bargain for the kindle price of $2.99.

Friday, November 23, 2012

An Early Christmas this Year

Here is the second review.

New! decency1st reviewed Murder in Half Moon Bay (Jillian Bradley Mysteries, No. 1) (A Jillian Bradley Mystery)
WOW! AWESOME BOOK!! November 19, 2012
This was an enjoyable read! I needed something fun today as I waited for family to come in for the holiday. I interspersed a chapter read with a cleaning chore and the day went by quickly. The house is ready for company and I've found a new favorite author and mystery series. Even though I'm on the east coast now, I've been to Half Moon Bay and the Ritz so I knew just what she was talking about. I love it too, but who wouldn't! It was good to be reminded.
I was glad I didn't run into the usual four letter words and nasty content that cause me to stop reading and go for the refund button. That was really a relief, a breath of fresh air. I thank this author for that, along with making it an affordable price on the kindle. I wish her a Happy Thanksgiving as I've something extra to be thankful for this year. Keep up the good writing!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Reprieve! Yes!

Thanksgiving is racing toward our house at breakneck speed! Perhaps the reason is due to our days being filled to the hilt with work deadlines. Craziness! With my husband being a strategic consultant and me being an author, that would explain the never ending pressure we feel to perform. Sigh. But Mr. Turkey and family members will be here Thursday, regardless of what else is going on. I've barely had time to reflect on what I'm thankful for! 

With so many of people on the east coast suffering from the aftermath of Sandy (my nephew is just now getting the tree threatening to fall on his house cut down), I can't imagine what their Thanksgiving will be like. God has been so gracious to my husband and I. We're humbled by all the blessings He's given us this year. 

Now, this particular blessing may sound rather unimportant to some of you, but turkey bakers may relate. I'm extremely grateful this year that our oldest son is cooking the turkey in his green egg. Yes, it's a barbeque shaped like an egg and green. You see, at this stage of the game for we grandmas and grandpas, the older children now begin to pitch in and provide for part of the Thanksgiving Dinner. No huge turkey hogging the oven! No spattering the oven walls, either, and best of all, no turkey fat to deal with! Ever clean up a turkey pan? So, even as the Feast of the Year barrels toward our house, the turkey being provided takes away a huge part of the stress of the day. Now, if I could just get around having to clean the house...

All kidding aside, I did want to take this opportunity to tell you how thankful I am for you readers. Like Clint Eastwood said once, "Go ahead--make my day!" And you do. When you write a nice review, post or tweet that you like my books, or click the like button on posts I've written, you make my day! Thank you! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. 

~Nancy Jill

Monday, November 12, 2012

Poll Results - We Have a Winner!

Hey Jillian and Teddy fans! The results are in and we have a winner! Congratulations to Don Wilson! He wins a signed copy of "Waiting for Santa"due to launch this month.


Here's how you voted:

1. a  Most readers heard of the books through word of mouth.  

2. d  Most readers read the entire series.

3. a  Most readers gave a 5 Star Rating.

4. a  50% of readers wrote a review.  b. 50 % of readers did not write a review, yet.

5. c  Most readers both purchased and downloaded the books for free.

This was an awesome poll! I appreciate your honesty, and will anticipate doing it again next year. 

Have a great week, dear readers, and remember to take a little time to brighten someones day. You've brightened mine!

~Nancy Jill

Monday, November 5, 2012


Who wants a signed paperback copy of "Waiting for Santa" hot off the press? 

You've probably heard of "focus groups" where random samples of community members come together to discuss issues regarding the community. My husband uses them occasionally in his work and the results are sometimes shocking! Since authors rely on reviews and social media feedback to gauge their audience's reaction, I thought I might do the same. 

Reviews are great insight into an author's work, but only a small fraction of readers write reviews. Polls can be an easier device to measure a reader base - if the readers will comment. I hope you'll take the time to do so.

Here are the questions:

1. How did you discover the Jillian Bradley Mysteries?

a.  word of mouth
b.  mentioned on a blog
c.  mentioned on Facebook
d.  mentioned on Twitter
e.  promoted by Amazon

2. If you read "Murder in Half Moon Bay" did you read or buy:

a.  book 2 "The Ghost Orchid Murder"
b.  book 2 and book 3 "From the Clutches of Evil"
c.  book 2, book 3 and book 4 "The Mark of Eden"
d.  book 2, book 3, book 4 and book 5 "Pacific Beach"
e.  none of the above

3. Overall, would you rate the books:

a.  5-Stars
b.  4-Stars
c.  3-Stars
d.  2-Stars
e.  1-Star

4. Have you written a review for any of the books?

a.  yes
b.  no

5. Finally, do you purchase the books or get them when they're free?

a.  purchase only
b.  get free only
c.  purchase and get free

Please leave your answers in a comment. Example 1. a, 2. d etc. 

 Please join this site if you're new (box to the right) and include your email to receive your winning copy!  

Winner of my new book will be announced Monday, November 12, 2012. 

Your input is much appreciated. I'm always striving to improve my work for your enjoyment in any way possible. Poll results will be posted with the winning comment selected. My hubby will draw the winner. Good luck pollsters!

Have a great weekend, my friends!

~Nancy Jill

Thursday, November 1, 2012

When the Power Goes Out! by Nancy Jill Thames


Hurricane Sandy was quite a storm! Sadly, some scientists are predicting more of the same... and worse in the coming days. People are left with ruined homes, cars crushed by trees, and a huge mess to clean up. My heart aches for all who are dealing with these issues.

I can remember the power going out a few years ago in California when a large electrical system failed. Neighbors came to our house since we had a barbeque grill which used charcoal. We were able to eat hot food and keep warm. Candlelight provided us with a way to see in the darkness. In that scenario, we were fortunate to have power restored the next day. The east coast and the gulf coast were not as fortunate.

The repercussions of such a massive storm will last for months, if not years. Perhaps more children will be born as a result of the darkness and lack of activity - maybe someone will take the opportunity to eliminate an old enemy under the cover of downed services and chaos.

"Waiting for Santa," by sheer coincidence, is written with such a plot. The power failure doesn't last long, but the murderer takes full advantage of the situation. I hope you enjoy the story due out at the end of this month.

Stay safe, dear readers.

~Nancy Jill