Friday, April 17, 2015

In A Perfect World

In Texas, many of us are sitting around looking out our windows watching for rain. In a perfect world, it would rain when the forecasters predict.

Not so.

In the world of Jillian Bradley, wardrobes and makeup are perfect and there is always time for tea. In a perfect world our clothes and makeup would match perfectly everyday like hers.

Not so.

At times I feel a little blah because I'm not Jillian. But it is not a perfect world.

Instead, I must remember that as a human there are still meals to cook, laundry to do, and houses to clean. And, lucky for me, a husband to spend time with.

Perhaps these are some of the reasons to enjoy afternoon tea. 

The ritual provides:

#A welcome break in an ordinary day
#A chance to use pretty dishes longing to escape from cupboards
#A reason to enjoy a tasty snack
#An opportunity to share with a friend or loved one
#As close to a perfect world as it gets.

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~Nancy Jill

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