Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I love being a mystery author. Yes, the writing has to come from your imagination and it can mean long hours, but the rewards are worth all the hard work. Take a look at the room I'm staying in. Lovely, isn't it? Part of my job is doing research. I'm here at the Grand Hotel Del Mar in San Diego drinking in all the atmosphere of this AAA 5 star hotel, taking photos of things like the turn down service where the housekeeper puts rose petals and chocolate truffles on a tray, tidies up your room and turns down the bed for you. I talk to servers, housekeepers, concierges and valets getting a feel for characters and plots. I also have to eat in expensive restaurants to get a feel for the gourmet food I like to include in my stories. Lobster bisque anyone? I love my job. What do you love about yours?

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